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The Chongqing Major

The Chongqing Major

  • Dates: -
  • Prize pool: $1,000,000
Dota 2 Author: Julia and PSG.LGD advance to the upper bracket at The Chongqing Major and PSG.LGD are the first to secure a slot in the upper bracket of Playoffs at The Chongqing Major.

Kicking off the Major, the team EHOME won the first map, but then players from prevailed in two maps at a run and reached the winner's final. 

Meanwhile, TNC Predator overpowered Chaos Esports Club 2:0 and faced In a match for an advance to the upper bracket of the Playoffs the Filipino players gained the upper hand on the first map, but the Bears managed to play back and take two maps in a row 2:1.

In Group B winner's bracket final PSG.LGD were fighting against Team Secret. Up to that the Chinese defeated Thunder Predator, while Team Secret prevailed over Forward Gaming. Evenntually, PSG.LGD triumphed over Team Secret and joined VP in the upper bracket of the Playoffs.

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