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The Chongqing Major

The Chongqing Major

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  • Prize pool: $1,000,000
Dota 2 Author: s.perun

8 reasons to follow The Chongqing Major

The first Major tournament of 2019 - The Chongqing Major kicks off tomorrow. On the eve of the tournament, we have gathered eight main reasons why the upcoming battle of titans in Chongqing is certainly worth watching.

1. The first Major-tournament of the year.

After The International, the teams are suffering from the traditional "burnout": the end of a tense DPC-season with a punchline in Vancouver could not but affect the players. It's way not easy to start a new season full of strength and energy, although the teams still managed to show an incredible performance on The Kuala Lumpur Major.

The Chongqing Major

After the qualifiers at The Chongqing Major have reached the finish-line, many skilled teams took a pause to have a rest during the winter holidays, and right after that they settled on the bootcamps and seldom were playing tournaments, gaining strength and working on new strategies. From such teams we expect a new level of fierceness in the game.

Only EHOME, who secured a place on the Major by winning the Bucharest Minor, haven't had any time to rest at all.

The victory on the first Major of the year is a great competitive start of the year 2019 for everyone, as well as a 100% guarantee of reaching the next TI.

2. To take a look at the patch 7.20

To take a look at the patch 7.20e, this time for real. The patch 7.20 was released on the 19th of November, the day after the final of the open qualifiers. The teams had one week and three editions of the patch from Valve to prepare for the main stage of the qualifiers.

As we have written earlier, the teams were trying to walk on the barely emerged ice, were afraid of stumbling, slipping, or falling through the ice. For the first time ever they were trying to "pull" the old schemes on the frame of a new patch, but it didn't always work out. At this stage, it is difficult to talk about the meta, because the only differences are updated heroes and sets through «брейсеры», «нулики» и «врейсбенды».

The teams had time to get used to the patch of 7.20e. This was proven by the past Minor in Bucharest, as well as by other winter tournaments.

Team Liquid is especially strong in the current meta. Popular heroes of the current patch fit their play-style as never before and still fit into their usual peak: Anti-mage, Keeper of the Light, Tusk, Io - those are the heroes that are associated with this team. This was confirmed by their performance on the MegaFon Winter Clash, where Team Liquid showed an incredible performance without losing any single map.

3. To find out who will secure a slot in the TI9

Virtus.Pro have already received a direct ticket to the main event of the year - The International 2019. By winning The Kuala Lumpur Major, the team performed a minimum objective, the one the socials were writing about. But this does not mean that the team won't do its best on this tournament, when knowing how many fans are cheering for them.

Virtus.Pro The Chongqing Major

What's important for the remaining 15 participants is that the winners of The Chongqing Major also guarantee themselves a direct invite to the TI9.

The distribution of DPC-points for the top-3 is as follows:

  •  1  -  33%  -  4950
  •  2  -  20%  -  3000
  •  3  -  14%  -  2100


Ratings of the teams after the first season of the Major:

  •  1) (4950)
  •  2) Team Secret (3000)
  •  3) Evil Geniuses (2100)


So, if the Bears get the victory - they will become the unconditional leaders in the points and will be able to spend the rest of the year in the most favorable conditions. For example, to miss a several "foreign" tournaments in order to finally perform in front of the domestic audience, being full of forces is right what VP failed to do the previous season.

For Team Secret and Evil Geniuses, the victory also guarantees a favorable season, as the teams scored enough points when entering a top-3 at The Kuala Lumpur Major.

Entering at least top-3 is the main goal for all participants as of 16 teams, 13 are now in the top-20 of the DPC-rating: PSG.LGD (900 points) are on the fifth line, on the sixth - TNC Predator (720 points), Vici Gaming and Fnatic (450 points) are ranked 7th, Alliance and Forward Gaming (150 points) divide the ninth rank, EHOME and J.Storm (120 points) at 12th place; Chaos (paiN Gaming) and Team Aster (75 points) are on the 18th place.

Who really needs to do their best is Team Liquid. Now the team is particularly strong, while not having any single DPC-point.

Team Liquid Kuroky The Chongqing Major

For NoPangolier and Thunder Predator, who also do not have any single point, worthy performance is also important from a point of view of morality.

No doubt, each of the 16 teams came to gain the victory and it will be certainly interesting to follow.

4. Motivated True Sight

The long-awaited movie from Valve about the winners of The International 2018 has been released. The premiere took place on 15th of January in the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads in Copenhagen. After the release of the film, we were reminded of what the teams at The International are going for, what emotions are experienced by both the winners and the losers, and what responsibility is on the players who defend the honor of their region in their tiny glass room.

Already classical, the final confrontation between China and the West on The International (didn't happen on the TI3 (Alliance vs. Na'Vi) and the TI4 (Newbee vs. Vici Gaming). The second year at a run the Chinese lineup fails to meet the expectations of fans, despite the incredible gameplay and an even "Chinese" year PSG.LGD were defeated in the decisive fifth game, giving the victory away to OG.

The Chinese teams, who have already been bruised and ready to fight, who have analyzed their mistakes and heard the way the "western" rivals think, should take a revenge in front of the native audience. This could be read on the face of fy after a defeat on the TI8. Taking into account that OG will not attend the tournament, every Western team will become the rival.

But this also shakes up other teams. The first tournament after a release of the motivating film is a great reason for a good start.

5. Four teams from China

After winning the Bucharest Minor, EHOME have guaranteed themselves not only a place in The Chongqing Major, but also made China prevail over the rest of the regions in number. Performing in front of the home audience on the Major in one of the largest cities in the country and the world — is a great honor, and also a great responsibility. One should remember that all tickets were bought out by the Dota 2 fans almost immediately after the start of sales.

EHOME is a very strong team now. What could be better than two TI-winners, three young talents and xiao8 as a coach? The victory on the Minor was very easy to get, as they lost only one map in the final clash of the tournament. They certainly have something to show on the Major, taking into account their non-standard drafts.

China will have to play more selflessly, as it is unacceptable to show a bad result, playing in the majority and in front of the fans. To prove to them, to the world and to themselves that they are the best - is the key task of all players at the tournament. That means the stand-off is divided into "external": Vici Gaming, PSG.LGD, Team Aster and EHOME vs 12, and "internal": which one of the four will prove to be the strongest in the eyes of a native public. After all, the Chinese fans are of the most passionate ones when it comes to "native teams".

6. To find out how far other regions will go

If the Chinese teams are in the majority, and Europe and North America are represented by three teams each - Team Secret, Team Liquid, Alliance and J.Storm, Forward Gaming, Evil Geniuses respectively, then the CIS, South America and Southeast Asia remain in the minority. Only two teams will stand for each of these regions: Chaos and Thunder Predator in South America, Fnatic and TNC Predator in Southeast Asia and NoPangolier with will defend the honor of the CIS-region.

TNC Predator The Chongqing Major

Will a region from the "minority" be able to ease out China, Europe and North America?

Perhaps we will see a show like "big races" (Intervilles), but this time the bulls will be replaced by the powerful representatives of other regions, who will be climbing up through the DPC-rating.

7. The first LAN for many players

The LAN-tournaments are a very important part of the tournament practice, which is why it is important for each team to gain this experience.

You can win every tournament online, be an incredibly talented player, and show a weak performance once you go out on the stage. This happens not because the player is bad, but because of the hands starting to shake at the most crucial moment. Especially if the player had never played on the stage before.

For many players, the tournament in Chongqing will be the first of such scale, if not the first LAN-tournament in the professional career.

Therefore, young players especially need your support: on Twitter, on Reddit, and especially in a chat on

8. See the new lineups of J.Storm, Thunder Predator and TNC Predator

Between the qualifiers for the tournament and its main stage, three teams made replacements in the squads.

In J.Storm Clinton "Fear" Loomis replaced Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara. According to MiLAN, his former teammates wanted to play with Loomis as they needed a strong leader in the team. Fear is a very experienced player and a no less experienced coach. Although, since he joined the team on the 14th of December, it's hard to say how much he could bring to the teamplay in a month.

Clinton "Fear" Loomis The Chongqing Major

Jeremy "Jeimari" Aguinaga left Thunder Predator for personal reasons and was replaced by Leonardo "LeoStyle-" Sifuentes. Thunder Predator is one of the darkest horses on the tournament and is difficult to prepare to, given the team's not-so-big experience on the tournaments of this level: the guys had only managed to win local tournaments and open qualifiers for the Major championships so far.

The replacement in TNC Predator has made a splash in the community: due to the racist statement by Carlo "Kuku" Palad to the Chinese players during the practicing for the qualifiers for the tournament, Valve has disqualified him from the Chongqing Major. Ryo "ryOyr" Hasegawa, a former player of Team Admiral, who had previously played with TNC Predator, has temporarily joined the team.

We will see the first games of the updated rosters already in the group stage and will find out if they have had enough time to reveal their potential.

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